Homeowner Property Damage Claims

Are You Having An Insurance Dispute With Your Insurance Company Over Your Homeowner Property Damage Claim?

If you are in an insurance dispute over a claim with your insurance company and if they are unreasonably denying or delaying your insurance claim (the insurer may be acting in “bad faith“), Colorado insurance bad faith lawyer Jim Gigax can help you.

Your Colorado homeowner insurance policy is a special contract between you and your insurance company, which entitles you to all of the benefits of the contract.

There are times when a homeowner and the insurance company may come to an impasse over a home insurance settlement. It could be related to claim denial, a low home insurance settlement amount, or a disagreement on what the policy covers. If you find yourself in predicament and unable to reach a home insurance settlement amicably, hiring a home insurance lawyer that knows property insurance law may be your best option.

Murr Siler & Accomazzo is your best choice in Denver and throughout the entire State of Colorado for a wide variety of legal matters including, but not limited to, insurance bad faith claims, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, insurance mediation, insurance damage appraisal, and various other first-party insurance related matters

File a Home Insurance Lawsuit Before You Settle the Claim

Generally speaking, you cannot file a lawsuit after settling a claim. As part of your home insurance claim settlement process, your insurer will most likely have you sign a home insurance settlement agreement that precludes you from suing them on that occurrence later and releases them from making any further payments on that claim.

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